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The Intentional Sales Manager

Harness the Power of Purposeful Leadership to Transform Your Team


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The important process of personal and organizational transformation

In The Intentional Sales Manager, Pat McManamon discuss how to cultivate intentional sales management with decisions made consciously, rather than from force of habit. 


"The ability to inspire people and simultaneously hold them accountable is so important to a company's bottom line. This book shines the spotlight on the manager's role in developing people."

Will Montoya, Partner and Managing Advisor | BKS Partners



The Definitive Resource 

Until you harness the power of your own purposeful intention as a sales leader, your people will never deliver on their full potential. 

The Intentional Sales Manager

Outlines powerful, proven strategies for dealing with the most common sales management challenges

Shows you how to get individuals and the team as a whole on track – with zero pressure

Helps you create and support a highly motivated self-correcting sales team


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Pat McManamon

Pat McManamon has trained, assessed and consulted with salespeople, sales managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and the C-Suites of major organizations in the medical, financial, insurance, construction, and technology industries. Prior to coming to Sandler, Pat spent 18 years with a Fortune 500 company as Director of International Sales.