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Customer Success

Enabling Revenue Growth through account expansion

Ambitious companies entrust us to enable their Customer Success teams to be revenue generators and drive expansion across accounts. We help CS teams that are concerned their revenue retention targets are missed, are worried they dont have enough conversations focused on growing accounts or are anxious that they spend too much time fighting fires and not enough time driving success for their clients.

Why Sandler

Customer Success teams trust us to:

  • Train the team on how to have the right conversations with their customers and start the journey to becoming a trusted advisor
  • Assess the team to determine the existing capabilities and which areas for improvement exist for each individual
  • Work with Customer Success to build a sales process that enables them to drive account growth




  •  Drive account planning to determine the best routes for growth and the tactics to achieving this

Since working with Sandler we have seen our sales teams consistently hit quota and our customer success teams expand accounts with real purpose